Yes, yes, yes!!! Machete is here! We’ll have blood, vengeance, murders and Danny Trejo in just one month and a half.

And what are we to expect? I don’t know about you, guys, but I think this movie is going to blow our minds. Have you heard about the cast of characters? It’s absolutely impressive: Don Johnson, Robert de Niro, Steven Seagal (OMG!), Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez…even myth of special effects, Tom Savini, has a place in this production.

Based on a fake trailer included in Grindhouse, audience fell irresistibly and immediately in love with the Mexican. Robert Rodriguez, together with Ethan Maniquis, eventually decided to go on with the project, which is going to be a hit, in my opinion.

Release due date is set for September the 3rd. Dears, I encourage you to meet you friends that evening, have a couple of beers and then start enjoying.

Here you are the trailer of…MACHETE!!

Remember, They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!

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