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Yes, yes, yes!!! Machete is here! We’ll have blood, vengeance, murders and Danny Trejo in just one month and a half.

And what are we to expect? I don’t know about you, guys, but I think this movie is going to blow our minds. Have you heard about the cast of characters? It’s absolutely impressive: Don Johnson, Robert de Niro, Steven Seagal (OMG!), Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez…even myth of special effects, Tom Savini, has a place in this production.

Based on a fake trailer included in Grindhouse, audience fell irresistibly and immediately in love with the Mexican. Robert Rodriguez, together with Ethan Maniquis, eventually decided to go on with the project, which is going to be a hit, in my opinion.

Release due date is set for September the 3rd. Dears, I encourage you to meet you friends that evening, have a couple of beers and then start enjoying.

Here you are the trailer of…MACHETE!!

Remember, They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!

PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, Tim Burton (1985)

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For long time I’ve felt maximum respect for Tim Burton as an original director,  eccentric, charismatic, and with a particular view on aesthetics. However the new millenium has implied Burton to become a mainstream director forgetting all the genuinity and spontaneity his works were characterized with.

Nowadays, whenever a new Burton’s release is super advertised I’, feeling less excited. I don’t mean he’s given up his particular way to depict stories, but I think he’s abusing too much on remakes or book adaptations lately, he’s not being as creative as he used to be and I just feel  bad about that.

Anyway, yesterday, to face the suffocating both weather and the Football Worldcup final match atmosphere, we decided to attack Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,  not really sure of what we were going through.

We had already heard of Pee-wee Herman’s scandal, that he was caught wanking in a public theatre watching a porn movie. Poor guy! Apparently his career on media seemed to sink afterwards, unbelievable! Here in Spain people have stolen huge amounts of money, have served prison, had been caught in clubs or snorting cocaine, and after a while everybody has return to they were before the incidents, or even become public heroes. I feel sorry for poor Paul Reubens, what are you expected to do at a porn theatre? Knitting? C’moooooooooon!

This is the story of Pee-wee Herman, frankly an extreme character as the earliest Burton’s. He’s an adult but a kid in behaviour, with 50-60’s appearance, Pee-wee wears suit, bow tie, and mocassin shoes. To be honest he reminded me of one of this old ventriloquist dummy. What our main character loves most in this world is his bicycle, which is unique in its design, and special in its features. Everybody would love to have this bike, especially Pee-wee’s neighbour, Francis Baxton (Mark Holton), a rich fatty guy who doesn’t  hear the word NO much.

Eventually, Pee-wee’s bike is stolen, and the quest for recovering his treasure will start. Unfortunately the boy will seek for a fortune teller’s advise, and he’ll be cheated and forced to move to El Alamo in search of the bike. During his adventurous jorney, he will get acquainted with many people and many funny stories will occur.

As you can see plot is like a fairy tale, very simple, in order  to highlight the pretentious acting of Paul Reubens, show Burton’s particular world, in which seems that time stopped fifty years ago, keeping beautiful classic aesthetics.

I must admit for the first 5-10 minutes I couldn’t stand much Pee-wee’s gestures, laughs and weird voices, but once I got into the movie, I ended up sympathising with this freak guy very much. I am fan of Pee-wee’s!

Nobody talks about this movie, Burton become what he now is thanks to the dark aesthetics he started to include in his movies from Edward Scissorhands. However, this adventure reminds me of John Waters’, extreme characters, 50’s aesthetics, particular sense of humour  and a taste for the absurd, the kind of films delivered are to be loved or hated with no middle positions.

To be honest, I prefer Pee-wee’s Big Adventure rather than high budget stories such as Sweeney Todd. A very simple story, very visual, which just provides good enterteinment, and has an unforgettable character. One of the best movies I’ve seen lately…curious, huh?