Waiting for the remake soon to be released on cinemas this year, we decided to spend some nights to watch Elm Street saga and remind our childhood memories linked to frightening Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Krueger, the psycho played by the former dumb tender replicant Brian in V series, Robert Englund, became a horror legend everybody recognizes, with his striped pullover, his wasted hat and his scary frightening razor glove his trademark. Hell yeah!

Wes Craven, the master of horror, had already won a name in horror film circles with his debut The Last House on the Left  (I shit on my pants first time I saw it) and another classic The Hills Have Eyes (this one I saw it at the cinema by mistake and became traumatized for loooong time), yet total success arrived with A Nightmare on Elm Street. I don’t think he was aware of the impact the film was going to have, nor that even so many sequels were to follow.

Reading Freddy Krueger on the Wikipedia, lots of information about how the character was developed by Craven is detailed, I’m not going to summarize all of it, just would like to remark a couple of things, first, the character was inspired by a school bully, a bum who terrified Craven at  11 and a song (Dream Weaver); second, the razor glove inspired by his cat clawing his couch….this is great, the simpler, the better!

This creature coming back to life and recovering strength by killing kids in their nightmares is an act of revenge against the terrified and upset community of parents in Springwood who burnt him to death because law failure let him free after killing more than 20 kids. Freddy Krueger was the symbol of evil.

The idea of a psycho killing in dreams is simply perfect. Sleeping is a primary physical need for human beings, you can sleep more or less, but eventually you need to rest. Consequently everybody has dreams, no matter whether you remember them or not, and it’s really difficult one is able to control them, especially nightmares. And those are Freddy’s domains.

Think about it, how old were you when you first saw A Nightmare on Elm Street? I was a very innocent girl and took me some time to watch one of the movies, likely I was 12, but many kids had gone to the cinema with elder brothers before, in the 80’s Freddy was on the streets, kids were talking about him and the movies, and believe me, everybody was shocked.  Probably nobody was to admit that going to sleep after watching one of these movies was kind of suicidal, hahaha

Anyway, Craven’s idea is a masterpiece from any angle you analyze it, manslaughter in dreams…fuckin’ A!

Are you ready for more nightmares? Here you are the trailer for the upcoming remake, hope we can ejoy once again!

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