TRIANGLE, Christopher Smith (2009)

Triangle is a complex film, difficult to talk about without spoiling, anyway I will make an effort for think it’s worth watching. It’s one of the most original recent films I’ve seen and made an impact, although I think I should revisit again the soonest. 

As a genre it could fit in many categories: horror, thriller, sci-fi…probably when you face it, you’ll start thinking of movies such as Ghost Ship, but then Memento will come to your mind, and you’ll finish having the need to recover old Twilight Zone chapters. Yeah, this is the power of Triangle, there are different, let’s call them stages, and different treatment of the characters and the story on each of these levels. 

Just a quick word about the plot, without spoiling, I promise, that would mean to destroy all the mystery and interest this film requires. 

Greg has invited some friends to spend a day sailing on his yacht. His special friend Jess (Melissa George) arrives late showing some kind of emotional distress nobody can guess about. Apparently she has a retarded child and is having a bad time, so there’s no asking. After resting for a while and interrupted by freak dreams, Jess and the rest are surprised by total calm at sea without wind to move the vessel, which is really weird. Calm is followed by a violent and dangerous storm that wrecks the yacht. Miraculously, all the crew survives thanks to the hull but Heather, who’s disappeared. With no means to communicate with any rescue team, the only option is just to wait. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long until a huge cruise passes by. Jess doesn’t feel too confident about boarding, but as it’s the only way out, they jump onto it. It’s weird they cannot find anybody to talk to, the vessel seems abandoned but at the same time in good condition. However, they will feel a threatening presence they’ll have to find out about. 

The initial segment of the movie is common to many others, the list of possible situations is huge, but Christopher Smith chooses wisely, focusing on definite psychological terror, with repetition as the only chance to awake from a horrible nightmare. 

Melissa George is worth being remarked as well as the responsibility of the story falls directly on her. She’s not to be considered a good actress after Triangle, in fact I thinks she’s being attached to action and terror movies, as in Alias and 30 Days of Night. In Triangle, as the film advances you discover details about her life, combined with her visions in her sleep, Jess is an unbalanced woman, leaving you to even consider if what happens is just hallucination. 

Unfortunately, after an outstanding developed chain of shocking events the end is not as conclusive as it should, leaving the viewer a bit confused about the whole story, probably that’s why I need to see it again. 

Still, it’s a very dynamic film, tension is constant and you can feel something bad is about to happen, and the more it advances, the reckless the story turns and the hopeless the viewer feels towards a possible happy ending. 

Definitely Triangle is a good movie which could become well acclaimed in the future.

2 Responses to “TRIANGLE, Christopher Smith (2009)”

  1. last night i saw Says:

    A good review, I cant fully agree with everything you said but I really enjoyed the film and it was refreshing to see a film based on plot and trying something new

  2. toirock Says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. Triangle is one of the most interesting movies I’ve seen lately, still gotta watch it again, I think it’s the kind of film you must see several times and still you’ll get surprised by the details.

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