CSNY/DÉJÀ VU, Bernard Shakey (2008)

I’m not really into politics, it’s boring, it’s easy to get into argument with close people due to discrepancies and considering the tense atmosphere constantly surrounding us lately, I prefer  not to dig much into them because I can get really angry.

For me it’s difficult to understand artistic remarkable figures supporting presidential candidates publicly, specially bands, for it’s a way to narrow your audience depending on the position you take on certain relevant matters. Thus, when bands were supporting Obama I found it a bit ridiculous, but guess again this is a cultural difference, I don’t respect Spanish artists much and for them politics is a matter of promo or a way to get some privileges in cultural issues.

I heard about this documentary when it was released, but felt lazy and my excuse was not to be such fan of Neil Young’s as to watch it, but some things change and felt the need to watch it after my boyfriend’s suggestion. So I did, approaching the moment to give  him the DVD  for Xmas.

Déjà Vu documents 2007  Freedom of Speech Tour in American venues, as the introduction of Neil Young’s Living with War album to public audience with the attractive added of counting on  his old  colleagues David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham  Nash for expressing his disagreement against Bush politics in the War in Iraq.

As many of you may know, this is not the first time the four artists sing against what they think to be social and political injustice (I prefer to be objective to respect everyone’s opinions on these matters), when they released the protest  song Ohio in 1970 to condemn the Kent State Shootings of May  4, 1970, the impact was huge, some radios banned the song for Nixon was named, and for many this song became a statement and a hymn of the era.

As to evoke that previous moment, Young decided to invite those he shared that moment with, to start the anti-Bush propaganda on stage.

Thus, this documentary reflects the way American Young’s fans reacted to his message, the critics response to the show, the way America is divided regarding war and politics, even geographically, veterans statements,  the opinion of the musicians…It’s unbelievable the relevance a musician’s message can have in audience, really.

One of the moments I particularly enjoyed most was that of the song Let’s Impeach the President, with Karaoke included so audience can raise their voice together with CSNY, and the reactions of people. Some of them totally enthusiastic, singing and dancing as if the song was a hymn, and others completely pissed off, swearing on Young, leaving the venue, cursing, and offended as if someone had cursed on their mothers.

The reason why Neil Young wrote this album, followed by a tour, is not clear for many though. While many of their fans support his attitude against the war and defend his power to express publicly his disagreement by means of his music, some others think of this as an opportunity of making more money, by selling albums and very expensive gig tickets, and abuses of his popularity to get involved into politics and get some benefit in any way. Well, I leave it up to you, my intention here is encouraging you to watch the film which won’t let you go to bed without thinking of it at least for a while.


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  1. Annette Says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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