MOON, Duncan Jones 2009


Taking David Bowie as first reference, it was obvious we were to watch his son’s, Duncan Jones, film debut as director. Obviously we didn’t know what we were watching, just some sci-fi  story, but felt confident after reading some good reviews.

It’s been really a nice surprise, an original story of isolation and manipulation of the human being for business purposes, a fact constantly happening in daily life and mostly hidden from public opinion.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is two weeks from ending his three year contract for Lunar Industries at their lunar station. Working and living on his own, he’s in charge of monitoring  the harvest of Helium-3, and then load supplies on a rocket direct to Earth. Helium-3 has become the most important source of energy, finishing with the concern of lack of oil resources.

Unfortunately direct communications with Earth failed long time ago, thus Sam can only contact with relatives and superiors via recorded messages. His only companion is a robot, Gerty (Kevin Spacey), which has been designed to attend him and assist on any task Sam might require.


Gerty, your friend

Sam starts having hallucinations which initially cost him little accidents, however, situation complicates when he has a serious “lunar” car wreck. When he recovers conscience, no memories of the crash are left, and curiosity will move him to investigate, discovering another himself alive.

Don’t feel like detailing more about the film, otherwise the surprise will disappear, and I think situation and events after what I described is the most interesting part.

What I would like to remark is the way isolation can affect human behavior and personality, and this movie reflects it perfectly.

Also another subject brought out is the way big companies manage to save costs regarding employees, here keeping just Sam as responsible for a complex station and the installations and machinery involved. Always human presence is required despite the high technology working, but what’s the procedure to follow in case of an accident or illness?


I'm a mess

Thus, this film could be labeled as sci-fi, however,  deeper concerns are involved, which make you brain starts thinking, some research advances have been proved as helpful but sometimes can have consequences depending on the way they’re applied.

End of my speech, I don’t want to give more clues about such a good film as this, maybe in the future I add some sort of appendix on which I will expose my opinion openly without spoiling the movie. I’m glad to have seen it, and strongly recommend to everyone. Hope you like it.

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