John Waters


Welcome to the ideal world of John Waters, a director whose vision of life is totally different from the rest of mortals.

Waters’ works you either like them or despise and hate the most. He’s specialist in combining the bizarre and the disgusting,  with the beauty and the bucolic, in creating stories with no sense, and his  taste for absurd but charismatic characters make him a unique creator. In my opinion, Waters is the king of B series, however was able to trespass the limits and focus towards the mainstream, always keeping  his trademark.

Long gone the days when Divine was proclaiming herself the filthiest  woman in the world and eating dog shit in Pink Flamingo’s, yet you still can see mayhem and incredible freak dialogues and arguments in latest movies such as Cecil B. Demented, or Pecker.

Anyway, he’s been named the King of Trash, the King of Puke…it’s necessary you watch his most outstanding movies so you can understand…but no doubt, he deserved those titles. Nevertheless It’s true he’s softened in his tone, and his latest films are more accessible to general audience.

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