DRAG ME TO HELL, Sam Raimi 2009


With Drag Me to Hell Sam Raimi is back into business he knows best, horror mixed with huge sense of humor, and he offers a great dose of both them very successfully for the pleasure of the audience. 

After giving in to Hollywood temptation for many years directing Spider-Man saga, which still continues, Raimi takes a break for returning to his roots, to classic horror, with the advantages of an established filmmaker, delivering this little masterpiece which probably will never receive the title of classic, but in years coming Drag Me to Hell will surely become a point of reference in horror genre. 

Christine (Alison Lohman) is a young woman living a good moment for she’s about to promote to assistant manager in the bank she works for, her relationship with Clay (Justin Long) seems to get even better, she’s overcome her teenage weight problems and has become a beautiful girl…but you know how fate works and in a minute everything is collapsing. 

First, a new guy at the branch, Stu, is also candidate for the position she most yearns for and he’s a tough opponent, more ambitious, aggressive, the perfect yes man any boss adores. Beside, she listens to a conversation between her boyfriend Clay and his mother, who thinks Christine is not good enough for her son for she’s a farm girl. 

For getting things worse at work, an old freak gypsy lady, Sylvia Ganush (Lorna Raver), requests and even begs for a third extension of her mortgage. His boss washes his hands leaving the decision up to Christine, thus she’s forced to deny the request in order to prove her boss she’s able to take tough decisions, but what she cannot imagine is the old gypsy’s reaction… 

Sweet old lady Mrs. Garnush

Sweet old lady Mrs. Ganush

In the evening at the parking lot Christine is violently attacked by Mrs. Ganush, and the shocking struggle  between the two women end up when the gypsy removes a button from Christine’s coat to curse it, and then returns it to the confused girl with an uneasy message saying the girl will turn to beg her for help. 

From that moment Christine starts feeling and seeing weird things, so on the way home, passing by a fortune teller store, she insists on her future to be read. Rham Jas discovers something evil is inside her, but Clay, as a man of reason, tries to persuade her from believing such stupidity. 

The scared fortune teller

The scared fortune teller

Several frightening episodes occur, but the easy explanation is that she’s suffering from post-traumatic shock which justify hallucinations , until Christine realizes something terrible is really going on and will get back to Rham Jas who will find out that  she’s got the Lamia inside, the devil in the shape of a black goat. From this moment Christine will try the hardest to get rid of the curse, for she only has 3 days before the devil drags her to burn in hell. 

The greatness of this movie is the ability of combining real frightening moments with funny situations, the “relationship” between Mrs. Ganush and Christine is hilarious sometimes, with outstanding moments. 

The way Mrs. Ganush character is portrayed is really interesting, sometimes in order to feel sorry for the poor woman but at the same time repulsive, and sometimes evil and scary, she’s so fuckin’ disgustin’ sometimes that makes you feel puke. 

The rhythm of the movie is very dynamic and tension is in crescendo up to the point the end is remarkable, you can foresee something is going to happen but don’t know exactly how until you find out. 

Raimi should forget about Spiderman and start writing scripts for more horror stuff instead. I’ve heard, he’s producing a remake of Evil Dead, but we all know it won’t be the same if Bruce Campbell is not there. How is this possible? Saaaam, focus, maaaan, a classic is a classic, you don’t need to do this. I’m becoming against remakes and seems plenty of them are to be released next year. Lack of ideas? Some of us could deliver good stuff  at bargain price, hahaha! 

Anyway, if you want to enjoy a really cool horror movie, Drag Me to Hell is the best option nowadays, I’d recommend it to anyone, and positive you will not be disappointed.

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