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Few time ago I heard of a new version of  Tron scheduled to be released in 2010. Finally it’s been confirmed Tron Legacy is not a remake but a sequel, with both Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner being part of the cast. Two weeks ago I watched trailer and was so appealing to me, I decided to buy original Tron on DVD and the experience of reviewing it was awesome. 

I don’t understand Tron be a Disney production either sold as a movie for kids. In fact, considering the huge investment, 17mill usd, it was considered a moderate success, if not a commercial failure, however videogames and other merchandising followed with positive income.

It was fun to discover Adidas Tron shoes a couple of years ago in Manhattan. They were colorful and kitsch, and now I regret not buying them. 

Adidas Tron

Adidas Tron

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has now become an outlaw in ENCOM, the software company he used to work for. Former colleague, Ed Dillinger (David Warner), has taken leadership in the company with his program Master Control Program by illegally appropriating software, in fact Flynn is constantly trying to hack into system to recover his successful videogames and find evidence to unmask Dillinger

Due to suspicions falling on Flynn, Dillinger and MCP decide to deny access to a sector for security reasons, leaving Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) about to release his new security program, Tron, able to monitorize any program and communication, even Master Control Program

Tron must be destroyed as it can discover MCP’s new ambitious  plan of breaking into Pentagon system and eventually control all countries security systems, something Dillinger didn’t ever dream of. At this point MCP is so powerful as to defy his creator’s commands and trace plans for its own convenience even if they mean international conflicts. 

Thus, Alan’s girlfriend, Lora, also working in  ENCOM,  specialized in laser lab for molecule transportation, suggests him to pay a visit to Flynn, her former boyfriend, to his arcade games play center to check what’s going on and if he’s the actual threat capable of causing MCP to block certain sectors access to system due to security inconsistencies. Together they  set a plan to break into ENCOM system and attack MCP directly for is still vulnerable. What they cannot foresee is that Master Control Program will discover Flynn and will abduct him into the ENCOM mainframe as part of the digital world. 

He will discover digital world even more oppressive as the real one, being treated as a Roman slave, trained to become MCP’s next victim for its games. Imprisoned, he will meet Ram and Tron, Alan’s security program, whose main target is to fight against MCP for restoring freedom in the global system, allowing all programs to coexist and work without being blocked nor controlled. 

Is he the Dude?

Is he the Dude?

The three of them will be able to escape riding light cycles by a gap in the system, starting a long run for freedom, by establishing communication with Alan in the real world, and eventually fighting to destroy MCP.   

Super cool Light Cycles

Super cool Light Cycles

It’s funny to remember watching Tron when I was a kid and being fascinated with the special effects, the light cycles, the memory discs and all the stuff without understanding anything at all. It’s not a movie for kids, especially in that time, when concepts such as program, hacker and software sounded Greek to everybody. 

I consider the plot very genuine and original, it’s kind of Fantastic Voyage (1966) but in a super modern and advanced setup, with some critic message against corporations and  monopolies, so real and present in society. 

And of course, the constant possibility of machines uprising against humans as soon as they can think and have enough power to operate for themselves. This menace is a constant device in sci-fi movies such as in Terminator saga, the doubt is whether it could become true as we rely so much information and responsibility on computers someday their help could reverse against us. Don’t think we’ll ever see that but…you never know. 

Regarding special effects, after more than 25 years, I reckon they still keep in shape, specially the light cycles part, but in general seems that they were advance for its time which helps to enjoy the story at its most. I read somewhere creator of vehicles design, light cycles, tanks…named Syd Mead, had also worked for Blade Runner. It’s weird Disney supported Tron, but is also true the company was able to invest such money on special effects and this was a starting point to which Disney has become nowadays, more focused on movies for kids but with the latest technology tools to still be innovative. 

What can we expect from Tron Legacy? To be honest I have no clue, apparently Flynn’s son is abducted into a more advanced, aggressive and dangerous digital world, where both father and son will have to fight for survival. It’s not a remake but seems the plot is identical with amazing special effects and more action. Anyway, trailer is enough for me to be waiting for the release of the movie anxiously.

Check the trailer out

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  1. I hear Daft Punk are copmosing the sound track! Robot Rock!

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