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À L’INTÉRIEUR (INSIDE), Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury 2007

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I never thought I would be interested in French horror until I shit on my pants  with Haute Tension (Switchblade Romance) some time ago. However got disappointed with some titles afterwards, Martyrs didn’t seem so shocking as critics assured, and Frontieres seemed some bad joke.  À L’Intérieur was told to be really cool, I almost bought the uncensored edition in the States, but due to its price and not sure about actual quality I turned it down and decided to wait. Eventually we were able to watch it and results were more positive than thought. It got balls, violence, plenty of blood and rage.

Few months earlier, Sarah (Alysson Paradis), a young photographer, and her unborn child survived a car wreck, not so her husband Matthieu, leaving the pregnant woman in a permament state of sadness and emptiness.

The action is set right the day before her delivery is scheduled, on Christmas Eve. Sarah is not in the mood to spend the night with her overprotecting mother who suspects she’s an affair with her boss. Something that seems for real, as for the attitude he has towards her, in fact he promises to pay her a visit that evening.

Once at home, when organizing all the stuff for the following day a woman (Béatrice Dalle) knocks on the door asking for assistance for her car’s broken but Sarah rejects to open making up  excuses until the unknown woman starts yelling she’s on her own because her husband died. Terrified the pregnant woman threatens to call the Police but this doesn’t stop the woman to even scare her more  and more. At a certain point Sarah is able to take pictures of the woman in black in order to recognize her and provide Police with more details, and when pictures are developed discovers the woman was in the same park earlier in the afternoon observing her.

When Police arrive no trace of the woman is found and they promise to check up on her in few hours to see everything is ok.

Unfortunately the lady in black manages to get in the house and attempts to kill Sarah by cutting her belly with a pair of scissors and keeping the  baby while she’s asleep unsuccessfully,  starting a wild hunt in the house for no apparent reason, also involving Sarah’s mom, her boss and the Police.

I want your baby, bitch

I want your baby, bitch

Why does the woman want to kill her? There’s a reason beyond wanting to keep the baby for herself. You will find out close to the end but I can assure that the fight between Sarah and the woman is bloody and violent with many casualties on the way and makes you suffer a lot!

It’s curious to notice that in most of French horror movies the main characters are female, courageous and able to cope with danger in a clever way. The duel between the two women is very  intense, I enjoyed the capability of Sarah to fight the woman back in her state, showing the protective instinct of a mother is amazing.

At last we find a person with enough common sense not to open the fuckin’ door to a stranger, this is something I cannot understand, why people are so stupid and careless. It’s true that unfortunately this doesn’t work, and if it did the movie wouldn’t evolve, but for people like me, easy to frighten, this is something we appreciate.

Regarding blood, if you like blood splatter this is your movie, blood spread all over the place, Sarah is so covered in blood her dressing gown turns into dark red…disgusting, hahaha!

Shit, tomorrow I'll have to clean this mess

Shit, tomorrow I'll have to clean this mess

In my opinion plot is very cool, and twisted, with a pregnant woman as the main character, fighting for her life. I just find something that I don’t understand and has to do right at the end, when a cop, apparently dead, comes to life behaving as a zombie, causing even more trouble.  If there’s someone to provide a good explanation, please feel free to add a comment.

After watching this movie, I’ve added another point to the cons to have children…you never know whether you can find a crazy bitch like Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle or the woman in À L’Intérieur.