SHUTTLE, Edward Anderson 2008


As you may have noticed we are trying to watch latest horror movies released and it’s becoming a hard task to find a good one.


Yesterday it was time for Shuttle, not a great movie but at least a bit different from the others, at least due to the setting, one of these  shuttle buses you can find at any airport to drive you downtown the cheapest…but cheapest doesn’t mean the best.


The action starts at the airport, where two girl friends, Jules (Cameron Goodman) and Mel (Peyton List) have just landed after a girls’ weekend escape to Mexico just a week before Mel gets married to Michael, her fiancé. However she confesses she’s breaking the engagement.


Mel, who usually suffers from motion sickness, feels weak after the flight. While taking some time to get better two guys get closer just because Seth is interested in the blonde horny like Jules and start small talk while waiting for the baggage which is lost.  


Mel and Jules at the airport

Mel and Jules at the airport


As you can imagine, weird things start to occur, the shuttle is diverted to a poor and very isolated area nobody recognizes starts alerting the passengers, and a sudden suicide car almost causes a car wreck, blowing a tire they have to replace, with accident included…eventually the driver turns out to show his intentions are nothing but kidnapping the passengers for hidden reasons I prefer not to reveal because this is the fun of the movie. Thus, we find four people try to find the way to escape from the ginger motherfucker once and once again.




Probably the idea of a death shuttle is kind of surrealist but in the way the story is developed is quite original, at least the setting is not the typical forest or jungle or the desert, however, as a low budget movie, there are certain moments when they are in the middle of nowhere with nobody apparently surrounding them but you can hear traffic noises.


Anyway I think length is  excessive, close to 2 hours, in fact there are moments in which many things happen within 2 minutes, but then action stops and it can be boring sometimes. Probably so many escapes could have been reduced with same effectiveness saving some time, and focusing more on final scenes, which I think are remarkable and clear enough to understand the aim of the kidnapping.


I wouldn’t consider it a horror movie but a thriller with some blood and violence. Entertaining, which is enough, and understandable, something to feel thankful for, because some of the latest movies we’ve seen are just gore and effects totally senseless. 

When finally the girls are ready to leave the airport in the middle of heavy rain it’s too late and not many options are available. They refuse to catch a cab trying to save some money, thus Mel stops a shuttle and starts negotiating the price for the  two of them to get downtown, when suddenly a nervous shuttle driver (Tony Curran) shows up offering a better offer they cannot refuse and the promise of no me than three stops. When the other two guys try to catch same shuttle the driver refuses to pick them up until Jules convinces him they’re acquainted. All of them together with the driver and a freak passenger named  Andy start the ride. 

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