LAID TO REST, Robert Hall 2009



We had read in Fangoria, the horror magazine that this movie was awesome, plus the gore pictures  attached, we thought we were watching a definite horror movie, and seeking for some blood in our lives we decided to watch it last night.


The movie starts quite hardcore with an attractive girl (Bobbie Sue Luther) waking up inside a coffin, obviously hysteric. She manages to get out and seeks for help, quite in shock, realizing she’s in a morgue. She locks herself in one room and tries to call 911 unable to set a location for her to be rescued, and eventually breaking the cord due to her dumbness.  Suddenly she notices the presence of a weird man face covered by a silver chrome skull mask who carries a steady cam attached to his shoulder and records her in panic until she faints. 


She escapes from the morgue and starts running disorientated until Tucker picks her up in his car and brings her to his house for her to rest. His wife Cindy (Lena Headey)  doesn’t  trust her and thinks she’s a hooker but changes her mind once the mysterious girl, who suffers from amnesia caused by the shock, explains what’s happened. Unfortunately the masked man will follow her track and will brutally kill everyone who steps in the middle with a terrible switchblade. Later on the girl, Tucker and a computer nerd, Steven,  will discover he’s a serial killer who records himself killing his victims for some kind of reason it’s not explained.  


That hurts!

That hurts!

Since the very beginning we realized it wasn’t going to be a  very good one. The girl seemed more a porn star rather than an actress,in fact her boobs (kazoongas) are highly remarkable, the special effects were not as cool as in the pictures, the dialogues poor and stupid, the man in the mask you don’t understand why he’s like that and why he’s to inject some kind of acid shit because his eye bleeds from time to time…stop!!! This is hell of crap! 

Enough said if I reckon the best moment in the movie is when camera closes up on a guy’s Iron Maiden Vans…Honestly, never trust 100% a horror magazine otherwise you’ll get often disappointed. It didn’t even scare a bit, holy shit! 


Typical horror movie including  a psycho killer, the sexy girl, the circumstantial companion, blood to the max and a foreseeable ending. Nowadays it’s difficult to be innovative and genuine but still can obtain good results if you work hard on that, I think, but again, and against the expectations created by Fangoria, this is not the case. 

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