THE MALTESE FALCON, John Huston 1941



Due to recently seen crap still pending to be commented here, I’ve decided to review some of the all time classics, from comedy to drama, focusing on the most relevant titles of the most established and respected directors.


To start, we have the Maltese Falcon, based on Dashiel Hammett’s detective novel, directed by John Huston.


Spade (Humphrey Bogart) and Archer, the modest private detective partners, receive the visit of an elegant and wealthy-like lady, Miss Wanderly, who requires their service in order to find her missing sister. She mentions the name of Thursby, who’s to be tracked by Archer, and pays them 200 bucks, enough to know she’s not telling the truth, but as money talks, the prefer not to ask many questions.


Late that night, Sam Spade is informed that his partner has been shot to death, and also Thursby follows same fate, becoming Spade suspicious of murdering. On the other hand, to add more mess to the situation, Archer’s widow, is in fact Spade’s jealous lover, which also will contribute the detective to be under Police surveillance.

Spade and his new friends

Spade and his new friends

Spade will be meeting dangerous people, among them Joel Cairo (Peter Lorre) and Kasper Gutman, whose main objective is to recover  a priceless statue of a black falcon of historic value at any cost, getting involved in complex situations, from being tailed, to be sedated, threatened to death…


It is really a good movie however  many people are involved in the plot and so quick and dense dialogues  sometimes can be very confusing, you have to pay attention to any single detail otherwise you’ll miss something.


In my opinion, Bogart’s performance is the best, very personal and charming, I enjoy his frivolist attitude and the way he faces the criminals. Very elegant style tried to be copied unsuccesfully, just one Boggie is enough. One of the best, definitely. 

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