First time I got acquainted with Carne was during a Trash Culture exhibition five years ago here in Barcelona. It was showed together with two more small screens catching both image and sound of audience’s reactions during the session in Sitges Festival. I remember having a good laugh, however couldn’t finish it and got frustrated for all these years, until I received a copy as a present.

Apparently the story told in Carne was based on true events, however I think the facts were far too different as presented in the film.

Delicia (Isabella Sarli) is a gorgeous and sexy woman who lives with her old and sick grandfather and works in the same meat factory plant as her boyfriend Antonio, who loves to make portraits of her naked and is very frustrated for not being able to provide her an accommodated life.

Delicia’s beauty is too outstanding to be unnoticed by males in town, who see her as a piece of tender and juicy meat. Humberto, aka the Macho, one of the drivers is obsessed with her and will start forcing and raping her anytime he feels the need to possess her, no matter where or when, in the middle of her way home, by the railway track or during working hours in a meat fridge. He keeps on abusing by threatening her and because he adores her boyfriend she keeps this terrible secret to herself, scared of Antonio leaving her for being a slut and having lost her purity. However,  he starts noticing something is going on because she starts to act weirdly, and because he thinks she’s not honest with him and probably is cheating on him he decides to separate temporarily until his doubts are cleared.

Humberto designs a master plan for he and his friends to satisfy their appetite for her once for all which consists on one of the crew to distract her and abduct her into a freezing container truck and drive her to a hidden and quiet place to start a brutal sex party. What nobody counted on was on a neighbor kid witnessing the whole scene who will tell Antonio about Delicia’s kidnap.

Container party time!

Container party time!

Delicia is raped several times but some of the men prefer not to abuse her for several reasons. Eventually Antonio reaches the place and fights against all the gang, not noticing that she has escaped during the confusion.

Hot and dramatic shower

Hot and dramatic shower

Eventually Humberto is definitely punished by Antonio and Delicia’s pride and dignity avenged.

Carne seems a terrible drama which could be a Hollywood success, doesn’t it? Well, the greatness of this movie is precisely the opposite, how such dramatic moments are depicted in (almost) a comic way.

Dialogues are simple and stupid, and Isabella Sarli is such a bad actress that when about to be raped you can’t help laughing for the way she rejects and fights against men, it’s almost impossible to act like this on purpose.

I don’t really know what went on at the time of casting characters but guess Sarli’s two powerful reasons had something to do with it, there’s no other explanation for that. In fact, the movie, very impudent and almost pronographic at that time, is an exhibition of Isabella Sarli‘s charms.

Yes, Carne is definitely a piece of kitsch shit, I wouldn’t dare to recommend it to anyone without risking my integrity but it was fun when I discovered it five years ago and it was great to see it again, just to remember a very good time in the past.

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