EVIL DEAD, Sam Raimi 1981



And now, ladies and gentlemen another horror must see classic able to combine blood, demons and fun and whose success started a saga, Evil Dead. 

Remembering recent high profile titles directed by Sam Raimi such a Spider-Man, The Grudge or 30 Days of Night, seems somehow unbelievable this guy was responsible for creating a complete inspiring movie, a reference for many future films, with low budget and counting on his flatmate Bruce Campbell as the main character, Ash.

Five friends are about to spend the weekend in a cheap rented cabin in the middle of the woods almost isolated except for an old bridge in very bad conditions. When they arrive the common feeling is that the place is a dump and something strange surrounds the area but still they’re willing to enjoy nice time there. Nevertheless strange things start happening after nightfall only noticed by Cheryl.

When listening to weird noises downstairs Scott decides to check out the cellar, followed by scared Ash and eventually they find a tape recorder, a strange and sinister book with unidentifiable characters and awful pictures and a shotgun with ammo. 

The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead


Once the group are accomodated by the hearth, Scott plays the tape recorder, owned by the former landlord of the cabin, in which the book is said to be the Book of Dead, covers made by human flesh and written with human blood. Apparently the professor had retired with his wife to the cabin in order to dedicate his investigations full time to the translation of the book. Cheryl, scared to death, asks Scott to shut the recorder down, but he insists on listening to a kind of spell which awakes the demons starting a downward spiral of blood, evil possesion and death nobody is allowed to scape from.

Cliché after cliché are to be found in this movie, gore, shocking and scary moments and those lovely subjective takes which help to create such enchanted atmosphere, beside the fog, the woods (Cheryl tied up by the roots and branches, attacked and “raped” by the woods is amazing), voices beyond the grave…and yet Bruce Campbell scared to death and paralysed, worried about his fiancee’s pendant, absurd enough to make you laugh…


Bruce Surviving

Bruce Surviving


When watching this movie, and many others, you realize innocence has flown away, horror in the 70’s-80’s is essential for all the fans of the genre no matter poor special effects, very low budgets and simple plots. You can become inmune to the effect they pretended to cause, still atmospheres created nowadays have nothing to do with classic movies, aesthetics are more important and remakes are the easiest sources to appeal to because unfortunately in this decade lack of creativity prevails.

Again, I’ve just read a remake is rumoured to be written and filmed by very same Sam Raimi…is it necessary? Mr. Raimi, haven’t you earned enough money with Evil Dead saga as to plan the remake yourself instead of squeezing you brains and create something else? Such things make me angry!



2 Responses to “EVIL DEAD, Sam Raimi 1981”

  1. Once a deadite and fan. Says:

    Geez Sammy and Bruce. Starwars episodes (movies 20 yrs apart) did a major comeback and you guys can’t tie your Evil Dead shoe laces. Totally pathetic and Bruce is the gay loving with Ash going to far. Let him go if you ain’t gonna bother no more.

    Evil Dead needs a reboot and deserves one over many that shouldn’t. Honestly Sam and Bruce have both lost obligation to the millions of fan while Bruce is typecasting himself to oblivion.

    Final note I was but no more a fan with sense false hope. Hope Steven King, Wes Craven and George Lucas piss on your tombstone Sam. Also hope Robert Englund, Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage piss on your Tomb Bruce the douch.

  2. very good movie

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