THE THING, John Carpenter 1982


Carpenter’s The Thing must be reckoned as one of the best sci-fi horror movies ever. The more I watch it the more I love it. It’s true is a remake, so it’s not so original, however Carpenter’s portrait is absolutely brilliant.


The action is settled in a small American scientific research base in the middle of Antarctica, in winter. The crew quiet routine is suddenly interrupted by a Norwegian helicopter trying to shoot to kill an apparent harmless dog for no apparent reason. Unfortunately no clue can be brought out for both Norwegians die. The dog starts coexisting with the staff at the base not raising any suspicion until  the animal is locked up with the rest of the dogs and becomes something monstrous and evil which seems to adapt to any living form for survival.

Who's the thing?

Who's the thing?

On the other hand, before a heavy snow storm starts and all the events caused by the arrival of the dog happen, Mac Ready (Kurt Russell), an experienced helicopter pilot, agrees to visit the Norwegian base in order to find out any clues on what was going on with the dog. Once they reach the place not only survivors are not found but a hybrid between man and monster is found burnt, but also they discover an ice block and the place it came from.


Once the thing starts attacking people and stealing identities to survive, all staff will not trust each other any longer and will try to find out who the thing is and destroy it before everybody gets killed.


What an amazing movie! The story is absolutely terrific, it reminds me of a mix between Alien and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the key fact that they are in the middle of nowhere under extreme conditions creating that suffocating claustrophobic atmosphere is awesome.


Special effects may have become a bit old-fashioned but still whenever the thing appears it gives me the creeps.  

Tandem formed by Kurt Russell and Carpenter started with Escape from New York and reunited few more times successfully with The Thing, Escape from L.A and Big Trouble in Little China.  If this is not a good relationship now tell me what it is.  

John Carpenter is definitely one of the best horror directors, films such as Halloween, The Fog or They Live have been greatly acclaimed and in case of Halloween, become horror essential classics.  Still more modern films such as Ghosts from Mars or Vampires are worth seeing.

I’ve been told another remake is to be filmed by Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004) director, Marcus Nispel, the very same who’s recently filmed the new Friday 13th movie. We’ll see…


I want a t-shirt with this logo!

I want a t-shirt with this logo!



One Response to “THE THING, John Carpenter 1982”

  1. gonzalo76 Says:

    Que gran pelicula toi.No se la cantidad de veces que la habre visto. Un beso

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