PORKY’S, Bobby Clark 1981


One of the 1980’s classic comedies dealing with teenagers whose main target is getting laid. I’ve probably seen this movie around ten times and never get tired of it, always find something funny. Dialogues, characters  and situations have inspired many films and with Porky’s the era of high school and university comedies followed.

Action happens in Angel Beach, Florida, in 1954. Pee-Wee is trying to lose his virginity desperately, he’s the typical teenager to whom pussy is his constant worry 24/7 and wants to change his situation at any cost, something his friends approach to create hilarious moments such as when he and some others catch the bait and about to have their problems solved with Cherry Forever (Susan Clark) are scared to death by a huge and angry black man.  

Mike, the chief’s young brother, convinces the gang to pay a visit to Porky’s, for 30 bucks all their sexual problems will be relieved thanks to a Cuban female garment just arrived. However Porky, the owner of the club, will humiliate them and get their money, and Mike will try to take revenge several times unsuccessfully. 

As usual, argument is quite simple, and this is a movie of situations. The best has to do with Cherry Forever, but Honeywell’s Lassie moment (Kim Cattrall) and the relationship between Ballbricker and Turner are awesome. 

Somebody is peeping!

Somebody is peeping!


Porky’s has become a classic in Spain. It was broadcasted by a channel from time to time and we all kids watched, no matter it was rated. Hundreds of jokes are still in our minds.

Unfortunately the second part, Porky’s II: The Next Day is awful. Jokes are very bad, some political and religious issues are included (religious fanatics, KKK…) which I think keep the movie form being dynamic and fresh in jokes.  

Ay qué rico, billy!

Ay qué rico, billy!

One Response to “PORKY’S, Bobby Clark 1981”

  1. Qué peliculón, jajaja. Una de las pelis de mi infancia, de esas que tenía que ver a escondidas por ser “picantona”. Saludos!

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