MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Clint Eastwood 2004



And now, some dose of drama, awarded by 4 Oscars, a box office hit everybody seemed to like. This fact made me feel distrustful and avoided watching it until last night.


Million Dollar Baby for me one feature enough to make it attractive: Clint Eastwood. I’ve always thought him to be a classic actor and love some his action movies however I have more doubts about the movies he’s directed. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was to hard to endure and didn’t like it much, and still Mystic River is pending to watch, but I feel too lazy at the moment.


This is a story of three main characters united by their passion for boxing.


Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood), an established trainer and manager characterized for his bad temper and his concern for his fighters and their protection up to the point he doesn’t risk their status for the ambition of titles. Due to this reason, his latest apprentice has decided to change manager seeking for higher goals.


Maggie Fitzgerald (Hillary Swank), average low profile 31-year-old woman working as a waitress with nothing in her life but a pair of boxing gloves. Coming from a dysfunctional and poor family, she starts training at Dunn’s gym and is trying to convince the old trainer to coach her for at least have just an opportunity in her life.


Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (Morgan Freeman), the narrator, is a retired fighter who works for Dunn at the gym. He’s the one to encourage Maggie to fight and decissive when convincing Frankie to coach her.


I'm gonna knock you out!

I'm gonna knock you out!

Once Dunn and Maggie reach a commitment, she will follow advices and commands from her boss and will become such a good fighter, he will accept her to fight for the female world title, obviously not knowing the consequences of the fight which will change their lives completely. And at this point the drama starts.


This movie seems created to go straight to Oscar Awards, c’mon!  It’s remarkable Swank’s work and how fit she got for her role, but I don’t think that’s reason enough to be awarded.


The film can be separated into 3 parts: first takes long to get Maggie and Frankie working together and is already trying to feel mercy for the girl, super poor, apparently too old to fight, in other words, a real loser. The second part and the most dynamic deals with the training and the raising of her career, although at the end, her crappy family are portrayed and the relationship trainer-apprentice becomes a more father-daughter one. And the third part, after her most important fight is designed for audience starting to cry, with moral concerns, and to be acclaimed a masterpiece. The whole movie is very extent and the last part seems never ending and so extreme as to make me feel uncomfortable.


At this point I got a question in my mind: why all these movies about fighters or wrestlers have to be so so dramatic and have to deal with poverty and decadent surroundings? Rocky saga is the first example. Another awarded boxing movie, The Champ (Franco Zefirelli), Ragging Bull (Martin Scorsese)…and nowadays The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky). It’s ok that boxing world is decadent and corrupt, but same pattern is used once and once again until is tiring to watch a boxing movie, for the feeling I have is that they’re all the same.


I realize I don’t trust very successful and promoted movies, and sometimes I find out why. Why a high budget movie cannot tell a good story without being so much influenced by Hollywood standards?


Dear Clint, I prefer you making my day as Dirty Harry rather than trying to get me depressed with super sad stories twisted so much as to cause an effect on the audience’s bellies. I didn’t understand Scary Movie 4 jokes in the ring…now I do. Too excessive, maaaan!


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  1. gonzalo76 Says:

    Co pero esto de escribir en ingles…Que pasa pue?. Lo leen los de jolivú o que. No te hagas la poliglota y empieza a escribir en español(ay que gustico la ñ) que desde que estas en polonia ya se te habra olvidado…co

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