Russ Meyer has been always a B-movies icon and everybody relates his movies with sexy and voluptuous women. I’ve always fancies the promo posters for his films and the titles are quite suggestive.


We wanted to see his first film Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill! acclaimed as masterpiece so maybe our expectations were quite high, for we got a bit disappointed.


This is a story of three sexy and voluptuous lap dancers very fond of racing sport cars at amazing high speed during their spare time. They love competing among themselves and challenge any outsider just to demonstrate they are the best. With their two powerful  reasons they’re able to sneak gas and obtain anything they want, so NO is not admitted in their vocabulary.


During one of their rides they meet a young couple and Varla (Tura Satana), the leader, decides to compete against the guy, eventually murdering him, once the game is not fun at all. In order to protect themselves from being prosecuted they force the young girl in bikini to stay with them, keeping her as a hostage and even drug her to turn harmless.


Let's have some fun!

Let's have some fun!



Next target is a ranch owned by a crippled old man said to hide huge amount of money, who lives with his two sons, one of them a muscled man but apparently retarded. While the girls throw the lure by asking for some water to get refreshed so they can seduce and distract the men, the old man has also made some plans for them.


The plot well told is not so bad, although the way is developed during the film is bit chaos and not much clear. Dialogues are ridiculous and it’s a constant titty show, Meyer focuses on the exotic ladies and doesn’t care much about the rest.


It’s ok if you take it as a joke, but cannot be considered a masterpiece at all. It contains very cool features: music, cars and girls but still I thought it better. I had a laugh anyway and found it very impudent for the time it was filmed. Nobody could dream about such a movie in Spain!


At least I could see mythic Tura Satana in action and really she’s amazing, specially when fighting, hahaha!


I’ve read Tarantino is responsible for filming a remake in 2010. Let’s see what happens with the golden boy, but I feel scared for the actresses suggested: Britney Spears, Eva Mendes…What the hell??


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