MY NAME IS EARL, Greg Garcia 2005



Alright, I know this is not a movie but because there’s so much crap in cinemas lately, seems that good ideas are better developed in series. This one could be included in a quick growing list.


The plot is very simple: Earl Hickey (Jason Lee), a guy with bad habits suddenly wins a 100,000$ in a scraping lottery but seconds after is knocked down by a car. At the hospital he comes to the conclusion that he will never enjoy his reward unless he makes up for his old bad actions with good ones, this is Karma main concept, good and bad to be equal, and this applies to fate, so he decides to write a list including all these bad actions.


To solve all the mistakes written down in the list will take Earl to very comic and weird situations and every chapter will deal with one or two of the points in the list.

People close to him will help him to accomplish his task, like his brother and  Catalina, the Mexican stewardess, or put his goodwill acts in danger, specially his ex-wife Joy who thinks he owes her the money won in the lottery.


A tight family

A tight family


Earl is not only the main character but also the narrator. He’s a cool guy, lazy, badass and fun and loves rock n’ roll, he always wears Lynyrd Skynyrd or AC DC t-shirts, it’s very easy to empathize with. You are acquainted with his old habits with constant flashbacks, and get to know he was a dumb punk and a total loser. It’s not difficult to find similarities with one of my favourite fictional characters, The Dude, probably that’s another reason to love him.


Greg Garcia created My Name is Earl in 2005 apparently inspired by a real Earl who also got married with a pregnant woman while drunk. It took some time to convince Jason Lee to become Hickey who eventually accepted. Nowadays he’s one of the executive producers.


It’s  a good series if you don’t want to get hooked, for each episode length is around 20 minutes , and most of them are independent from the rest.


By the way, I was able to visit NBC store in NYC and merchandise was pretty cool, pity I fell in love with a t-shirt my size wasn’t available, nchst!

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