LORDS OF DOGTOWN, Catherine Hardwicke 2005


The only reference that made me interested in this movie  was a song by Fu Manchu called Downtown in Dogtown.  Of course, skateboarding is one of these extreme sports which has always captured my attention. I’m not a fanatic but kinda like it.

The movie is a biopic about the skate legends Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams, also known the Z-Boys ,and how their skating skills and their lifestyle turn this sport into what we know nowadays.

Venice Beach in the 70’s, the owner of a surf board store has the vision of creating a skateboard group in order to get money and success. He’s got the perfect kids to do it, street punks who make of skateboarding not only a lifestyle but a rebel act against law and rules. Under Skip’s (Heath Ledger)  sponsorship  they become Zephire team.

Lords of the swimming pool

Lords of the swimming pool

As they become more pro and companies start to contact them for major national sponsorship friendship becomes a low priority so each one will follow their own path.

As you can see, argument is not the strength of this film, it’s not necessary. A bit of drama to justify footage for amazing skate performances by the actors and to justify why these kids created a trend and became legends.

Not a fake!

Not a fake!

We’ve seen many films made just for viewer’s pleasure enjoying amazing scenes: Vanishing Point, Point Break…are examples clear for me right now.

From time to time I enjoy watching some of these films just for the effect and excitement the images cause me.

I almost forgot to mention that soundtrack is very very cool: from The Stooges to Neil Young, Black Sabbath or The Faces…Awesome!

So if you just feel like being easily entertained this is the movie, length is extent but just focus on what I’ve told you: urethane wheels, swimming pools and good skating.


One Response to “LORDS OF DOGTOWN, Catherine Hardwicke 2005”

  1. thank you for bringing this movie to my attention, not that much for the lame argument but for the soundtrack, will look for it! I’ve posted some Black Sabbath video clips on my blog, feel free to visit.

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