DIARY OF THE DEAD, George A. Romero 2007


Zombies movies are very fashionable nowadays and seems that plenty of productions are being released however most of them are rubbish, no matter what horror critics try to sell. Here we’re dealing with the responsible for this fashion, the master of zombies, great George A. Romero offering this time more modern version of the typical zombie epidemic using devices such as cameras, computers and internet to show the word the facts.

A group of film students and their professor are trying to shoot some night scenes for a horror mummy film in the middle of some woods in Pittsburgh when one of the assistants listens in the radio some news about the dead awaking, walking and attacking population. The mummy, Ridley, a wealthy guy, offers the crew his place to crash, a huge mansion with surveillance cameras and even a panic room, but only scared Francine decides to join, so they split.

Jason the cameraman decides to stop at the students apartments for picking up his girlfriend Debra. 20 minutes after the news were announced everybody is gone in chaos for panic has spread amazingly fast. At this point, Jason is up to record everything that’s going on in order to show the truth and share this experience with everyone.

Jason recording his last shot

Jason recording his last shot

Debra is trying to contact her family, who live in Scranton, Penn state, so everybody agree in driving her there, to check if they are all right. As you can imagine it won’t be an easy travel, full of fights, blood and death.

I think Romero uses this zombie universe to exercise some kind of criticism against society and some establishments in a not very subtle way. This time he strikes against mass media and how news are hidden and manipulative, better informed population and actual advises could help more, but sometimes seems that audience better live in ignorance so power can be totally influential. However, the fact that Internet has become the mail channel of exchange of information to be accessed by everyone is vouched as the solution to be aware of real situations.

Also, on the other hand, there are interesting moments which depict how unattached society have become, everybody looking for their own ass, stealing from each other and not supporting in emergency cases. I don’t mean people have to walk holding hands together and singing Church anthems, but seems that in such extreme and hopeless situations people do not get organized and don’t join each other to face the menace, and probably that’s the reason why zombies virus spread so quick.

No matter how many zombie films I have seen, still Romero is able to create such extreme situations to give the creeps, whenever I see one of his movies I get nervous and excited from the very beginning, not so much for the special effects or the zombies attacks and bites but for the situations themselves. He’s got such taste for portraying these non-real creatures so realistic that the effect caused on the audience is not only the feeling of just being watching a blood bath but something else. I love it!

The day the dead really awake and walk among us, I will thank Romero for his survival advises and hopefully I will make it longer at least for a while.


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