LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, Tomas Alfredson 2008


I must admit I’m not very into European films for being too boring, slow and too often dealing with too dramatic themes, of course this is a very general and superficial point of view, obviously I’ve enjoyed many, but there aren’t my first choice, however with this one, I had only heard good reviews from different people, so I felt encouraged and willing to see it. I’m very glad this time people were right and Let The One Right In, in Swedish Låt den rätte komma in, could be included in any top 10 2008 movies for sure.

Oskar is a 12 years old boy whose life is boring and frustrating. His parents are divorced and he lives with her mother in a flat in a small town or suburban neighbourhood close to Stockholm. As you can imagine not many activities are available after school in a freezing and snowy area where gets dark very early in the afternoon, apart from that, he’s a regular bullied kid, which helps to his shy, anxious and introspective behaviour. He hasn’t got friends and does not enjoy a familiar atmosphere either, Oskar is a lonely boy. First scene reminds me of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, with the boy in underwear in a menace attitude with a knife shouting “squeal like a pig”, I found the kid a bit “affected”.

A father and his female child move to Oskar’s next flat. Their windows are covered and their behaviour is weird, but not as much as to alert neighbors.

At the same time several people are getting killed and blood drained and fear and paranoia extends.

One night after supper in the playground next to his house, Oskar meets the strange girl, Eli, and a tender friendship starts, no matter what Eli has to do for surviving and her different condition and eventually turning into innocent love.

Eli hates water

Eli hates water

Events bring Eli out to hunt for survival on her own making her more vulnerable and also seeking for Oskar to be her mate.

Let The Right One In is a non standard vampire movie, could be categorized as both horror, drama and love story.

Eli is a monster for her blood sucking condition and a hunter, but at the same time she’s a kid, seeking for love and friendship, and has feelings. Oskar is a victim of society, seeking for bravery and in his deepest thoughts revengeful and murderer. Actors’ performance is so real it makes you wonder the reason for so many bad choices for kids characters. I try to avoid movies with kids as main roles for they are too often overacted and arrogant, I end up hating them or wishing them a tragic end, not in this case, they caused me a mixed feeling between pity and mercy.

Although not many murders appear they are very remarkable, they are aggressive and impressive, they are developed carefully just show enough but not abusing from gore techniques or typical frightening moments. The work with cameras is outstanding and you can enjoy not only amazing sights but beautiful takes.

Let The Right One In is an example of a good movie which can reflect feelings and situation by symbols and imagery, avoiding log conversations or classic Hollywood patterns. I strongly recommend it, definitely.

One Response to “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, Tomas Alfredson 2008”

  1. rockenberg Says:

    Good and very original movie! I like the fact that it is not the usual vampire movie at all. Two thumbs up! 🙂

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