JAWS 3-D, Joe Alves 1983


Classic movie for Christmas time, together with the 2 previous parts. I can’t help it, whenever I listen to John Williams’ theme I get hooked to the TV and can’t stop watching it, no matter this is the worst part of the saga without question neither it was around 2 A.M when I caught it.

I remember when this movie was released and 3-D was the bait for people to head for cinemas, I remember myself watching it with the glasses when I was 6 or 7 scared to death for the killing great white was coming straight to me…buffff! Impressive!

Mike Brody, chief Brody‘s oldest son played by young Dennis Quaid,) and his girlfriend Kathryn Morgan (Bess Armstrong), work for Sea World theme park , an amazing complex full of attractions, performances, and its amazing underwater walk built in an artificial lake just linked to the sea by some conducts.

One of the access gates fails to work properly and the mechanic Shelby is required to solder it underwater, unfortunately while working he’s attacked by a gigantic shark without anybody’s notice. His disappearance becomes scary when his girlfriend Charlene starts wondering and worrying about him.

On the other hand, dolphins act very nervous and uneasy and Kathryn asks Mike to check underwater what’s going on, discovering Shelby’s forearm and the presence of a Great White. She convinces her boss Calvin Bouchard to chase the shark as it would be the first in its species to survive in captivity with proper care and studies would reveal important discoveries, however as money talks, Bouchard decides to exhibit the shark without Kathryn’s approval and it dies right in front of the public.

Late Bruch  served

Late Brunch served

Only after analysing Shelby’s body injuries once the body horribly mutilated was found by some guests in the tunnels it’ll be realized the shark just dead was a baby one and the park safety is endangered by a 35 feet Great White full of appetite for blood and destruction.

The pattern of the story seems very copied from the first one. The original one was set in a coast at the start of summer season waiting for massive arrival of guests, and this was at the launching of a theme park, and the most obvious part copied is the end, not very original.

Special effects are not amazing although they were designed for 3D watching, something noticeable since the very initial credits, and the dimensions of the Great White are sometimes ridiculously huge.

Huge 3D shark coming to you!

Huge 3D shark coming to you!

Unfortunately there’s a lack of attacks and seems more an all audience movie rather than a horror one. Still, it’s an entertaining popcorn movie.

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