THE LAST HOUSE IN THE WOODS, Gabriele Albanesi 2007


Sometimes low budget movies straight released in DVD can give surprises. This wasn’t the case. Cliché after cliché The Last House in the Woods is not a piece of shit no matter what horror magazines say.

Aurora and Rino are more than friends but not yet a couple, but this doesn’t’ matter for a quick shag in the car in the middle of the woods. However this time they’re interrupted by three assholes who kick the shit out of Rino leaving him out of conscience and try to submit Aurora to assist to their physical and sexual relief, if you know what I mean, when suddenly a couple in their forties rescue the couple from a possible drama. Antonio and Clara bring the still shocked couple to their isolated house until they recover from shock and injuries. However the fact that Aurora witnesses their son Giulio, some kind of little freak, changes plans and the saviours become the captors whose main aim is to kill them not only for keeping Giulio’s secret but also to feed him. By chance, the previous punks hear female screams and attracted by the morbid thought of someone banging a young girl, decide to find out what’s going on. Once they arrived the house the bloody party starts.

I'm helping you, baby

I'm helping you, baby

The Last House in the Woods is an Italian production that seems been created by a group of friends fans of horror, with few money to invest in cast and special effects. Acting is bad, beside overdubbing into English doesn’t help much either. Still the movie was so crappy there were very funny moments.

I don’t recommend it at all, no matter how you like the genre. It seems that any horror release must be good and critics are not trustworthy at all.


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