INVASION U.S.A, Joseph Zito 1985


Last weekend few friends joined for enjoying an action movies mini marathon. First one chosen was one of Chuck Norris’ classics, Invasion U.S.A and in my opinion the best that evening.

Hunter (Chuck Norris) lives in the middle of the everglades, a remote place disconnected from the real world. He lives a humble and quite life chasing crocodiles and avoiding too much companion.

All of a sudden he receives a visit from an FBI agent who asks him to come back to reality for accomplishing a mission of outmost importance. Hunter is not up to that at all until the name of Rostov is mentioned. He was the reason for he left his former job and way of life. He should had killed him when he had the opportunity. Still, he rejects the proposal and tries to carry on with his life until he’s forced to get involved in the matter due to an attack which caused one of his few friends’ death. He will reach Rostov and kill him, that will be his main objective during the film. 

Is he constipated?

Is he constipated?


On the other hand Rostov, the classic actor Richard Lynch, and his Russian army are meant to destroy capitalism and conquer USA by means of causing riots, confusion and people revolts. However he realizes in order to have free way to accomplish this target, he needs to get rid of Hunter, a major risk for the operation.

Once these aspects considered you can imagine the rest…action, action and more action with very remarkable scenes such as the final due of grenade launchers between the two main characters.

It’s difficult to imagine a new action movie in which the main character, the hero, kills enemies in cold blood displeased by the poor information provided by the poor guy previously injured.

Plot is weak full of mistakes and cuts, acting is almost ridiculous but really, we had a good laugh and enjoyed a really good time with all the excess in gunshots, fights, people killed and blood. 

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