THE SHIELD, created by Shawn Ryan 2002 – 2008


I’ve just heard last episode was broadcasted last week leaving fans quite shocked, some a bit disappointed and some very happy. I don’t know yet, I’m still in the middle of the third season but can guarantee you this series really kicks ass and will focus on the seasons remaining non stop to confirm my definite verdict.

The Barn is a police station settled in the dangerous and troublesome Farmington area. Captain Aceveda, a middle-age Latin captain is ruling the station firmly and wants the streets clear from drugs, prostitution, assaults…in order to bring his ambitious political career to succeed, however Vic Mackey and his Strike Team have a more corrupted vision of law enforcement and are playing beyond legal limits constantly, putting not only their lives and jobs at risk but other cops reputations for their sake of the sake of the police department.

The Strike Team

The Strike Team


This explosive cocktail has been prepared with very appealing ingredients such as violence, ambition, corruption, drugs, gangs, action…screenplays are amazing at creating raw and complex situations and developments of events are pretty cool.

When defining the kind of characters, we should analyze their moral standards towards the police department and the law. In one side there are Mackey and his guys who use violence when necessary and try to get benefits and extra money from illegal operations. There are those for whom the accomplishing of law is the most important, such as Claudette and Danni, and those mostly straight but sometimes tempted, Aceveda because of his political interests and Dutch, for catching criminals or avoiding a parking fine.

It’s worth to follow The Shield, it’s an uncommon police series with crimes and investigation questioning society, moral and law. It’s out of question illegal activities performed by some members of police, but still shocking when reflected with such realism. I fuckin’ love it!


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