Amazing classic masterpiece duelling two of the most established divas at the time: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford confronted for their status far beyond the scenes.
This was a real one!

This was a real one!

I still remember reading about the making-off of this film how tension was always present and both ladies were pulling strings towards their side in order to disadvantage each other to demonstrate who was the toughest and the best actress.

Baby Jane Hudson was one of these Shirley Temple little monsters very typical in early 20th American society whose shows were based on singing and dancing showing all their talent and pretending to be perfect kids to the eyes of the audience. This star child was so popular even a Baby Jane replica doll was sold after their shows, however in the future, talent of her step sister Blanche eclipsed hers, becoming one established and successful actress.

Due to a not very clear car crash involving the two sisters, Blanche gets crippled and depends on both a wheelchair and her sister Jane for good. Not being a good actress and unable to earn money, Jane’s punishment for driving the car drunk is to care for her sister and give up her own life.

Main events happen within a couple of days. Jane, and alcoholic schizophrenic frustrated woman discovers her sister plans to sell the house they’re living in and starts not only her revenge but also her coming back to stage as Baby Jane.

Evil psychological and physical violence is shown through the movie becoming more intense and its end is one that makes you flip for a while.

Really it’s worth to watch it , I don’t think it should be just considered a drama film but also a classic thriller, full of suspense What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? won’t get you scared but can make you feel uncomfortable when watching it.

I remember reading the story of this movie and how the fight among the two sisters was trespassing the cameras. Two of the most established divas in that time showing their acting talent to the audience with two very different characters.
Sometimes balance favours Joan Crawford for her role as a disabled and dependent woman, suffering for her handicap but still enjoying her old success and money, thankful to her sister for taking care of her, with her soft and mellow voice and her goodwill attitude towards Jane.

On the other hand, Bette Davis, as the ugly and disgusting sister, still thinking of herself as the popular child she used to be, drunk and moody all the time, treating people like shit and living in the past most of time.

With both them either you feel sorry for or sometimes you despise them, depending on the scenes.

Moreover, watching this movie knowing they were arguing for better make-up, best takes…can help you to figure out what kind of bitches they were and makes the movie more interesting definitely.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is a must-see classic thanks to these two actress personalities and excesses, the story is brilliant and their acting is outstanding.



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