THE CHANGELING, Peter Medak 1980



I had seen this movie before but I must admit I was too tired and felt asleep so my memories of this movie had been erased completely and didn’t remember but two details, so last night I really enjoyed the movie and got very very frightened and impressed. It great to see a movie capable of you get goose pimples, without many effects but a strong plot and few devices.


Tragically John Russell loses his wife and child smashed by a truck involved in a car crash. In order to recover from the tragedy, he decides to move to Seattle  for a freshly start, he’s a successful piano composer and has accepted a job for several lectures at the university and this change can be a good opportunity for composing again.

Thanks to the Historical Society one of his colleagues is involved in, he’s introduced to Claire Norman, who arranges a beautiful and large house for him to live in which has a very special music chamber and becomes a close friend.


John Russell starting to shit on his pants

John Russell starting to shit on his pants


As soon as he settles weird things start occurring, noises, doors opening, glass breaks, and the strong feeling that he’s not alone, make him to investigate about previous tenants back to early 20th century in order to find out any circumstances which might help him to understand what’s happening. At certain point, John’s recommended a medium and her revelations are total appalling.


Wow! What a cool horror movie, for Chrissake! I’ve watched lots of haunted houses themed movies but The Changeling is outstanding, the medium scene got on my nerves…so simple ways to scare: doors, whispers, cries, a wheelchair…A tortured soul wandering in search of  justice is a very interesting and masterly developed concept in this movie. Highly recommended for terror lovers looking for something more thoughtful than zombies or bloodsuckers.  



One Response to “THE CHANGELING, Peter Medak 1980”


    Great movie. It gives me the creeps every single time! And there’s no blood or gore at all. Yeah!

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