I had seen the dvd just released in the US in September and the title was attactive enough to make me feel curious about it. I didn’t really know what I was about to see, I thought it would be the typical zombie movie with more budget than usual. Anyway, I had the hope of discovering something outstanding or at least different.


American Zombie is not just a movie but a documentary about the growing zombie community in Los Angeles filmed by Grace Lee and John Solomon. Although they decide to join their experience soon discrepancies and arguments about which direction to take start: Grace, as an established filmmaker specialized in social matters wants to show zombies as a normal community struggling for acceptance by American society but Solomon is more inclined to find out the darkest aspects of these deceased living creatures.

To portrait this community 4 apparent normal zombies are interviewed: Ivan, a teenage store clerk working night shifts, Judy is a romantic and organized woman who tries to manage her life in a normal and healthy way, Lisa though is a frustrated zombie which doesn’t assume her actual role and Joel, a political and ambitious activist proud of having opened the first public office for assisting zombies.

After gaining the zombies confidence and insisting much they are allowed to participate in a zombie weekend in the country and be able to film zombies interacting among each other however at certain point their access to the camp is restricted for no apparent reason. Both curiosity and insecurity bring them to find the truth about zombies and the consequences of having stepped too far.


Teenage zombie Ivan with his girlfriend

Teenage zombie Ivan with his girlfriend


The strength of this movie is based on the documentary structure and footage both very well developed however once I realized what I was viewing I expected a lot more. The concept is very interesting but loses strength. Maybe the zombies portrayed are too normal very similar to common people in a total different to the way I’ve always seen a zombie, scary, menacing, super disgusting and lethal or the zombie as a creature is not deep enough reflected, I don’t really know, but at some points I felt bored.


At least American Zombie is definitely different to rabid zombies movies released but c’mon! We are talking about zombies and I’ve grown up with Romero’s, I need dynamism, blood and screams, not zombies worried about eating veggie or visiting a shrink.

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