THE DESCENT, Neil Marshall 2005


I had seen this movie at the cinema when released and wasn’t very enthusiastic about it but at the same time wanted to give it a second chance, for I remember reading good  critics and articles in British cinema and horror magazines. Still don’t understand why unless press works on money basis as well.


One year after a car accident in which Sarah lost her husband and daughter one of her closest friends, Juno, organizes a spelunking trip in the Appalachian Mountains for six female sport risk adventurers. Everybody seems to be very well prepare and apparently the descent level of skill is easy which makes them start their adventure very relax. Two facts turn this funny meeting into a nightmare to death: inside the cavernous corridors an earth movement blokes one of the exits and problems start for the super women, and the fact that the organizer has taken them to an apparently virgin trail, with quite few knowledge of the insides of the caverns. After realizing situation is critical they discover they are not alone…

Come here, you asshole!

Come here, you asshole!


Although I’m a woman I think all this feminist crap of adventure superwomen showing how strong, brave and smart they are is bullshit, and I don’t like the way this is develop just to picture them weak once things get wrong, that’s obvious, no matter whether you’re a man or a small woman, nature is more powerful and deceitful than human kind and nobody can fight against this.


Best scenes are the most claustrophobic, creeping by impossible and narrow corridors, but to be honest appart from that nothing else can be saved, even the chicks are not hot, if you’re trying to optimize the movie in some way.

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