MEMENTO, Christopher Nolan 2000


First time I heard of this movie somebody told be “Yeah! It’s very cool! The guys wears his body full of freaky tattoos!” . Well, I’m into tattoos, I like them, but to be honest I don’t think this is enough for judging movies, so it took me some more time to find somebody who explained me part of the plot and make it more attractive to me.

The story plays with short-term amnesia, revenge and how people approach and take benefit from the weak.


Leonard is a guy who’s lost his beloved wife raped and murdered by two mysterious men. Due to circumstances explained later on the film not only he lost his wife but his short term memories, he only knows for sure that his only motivation is revenge but to understand facts and keep details in mind he needs to tattoo himself and manages to deal with people thanks to Polaroid pictures and notes. As you can imagine he meets people whose attitude seem to be friendly and helpful…although he can’t remember at all.

Leonard full of memos

Leonard full of memos


Christopher Nolan’s major debut is outstanding. The reverse way to tell a story from bottom to top is amazing, the rare atmosphere created mixing b/w with color takes, Leonard’s inner thoughts and his speeches on the phone. It took me some time to fully understand the movie, but once you realize what’s going on, you really enjoy it.


Memento is one of these movies that without being mainstream and not being a commercial success receives good critics. Also it counts with experience actors who probably haven’t received the opportunity of being main characters but you can see them participating in famous movies: Carrie-Anne Moss in Matrix, Guy Pierce in L.A Confidential and Joseph Pantoliano in the Sopranos among many others.

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    what a coincidence! I think we’ve been seeing the very same movies lately! By the way, memento kicks ass. Original story and way to be filmed. A must!

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