AMERICAN PSYCHO, Mary Harron 2000


What can I say about this masterpiece? Plenty of things in fact for it is easy to comment one of my favorite movies.

It’s true that first time I saw it at a small cinema in my hometown in Spanish got quite disappointed, for I enjoyed the original book by Bret Easton Ellis a lot and thought too many things were missing. It took me few years to review the movie and avoid detailed comparisons between movie and book, and started to really enjoy and appreciate Patrick Bateman on the screen.


The story happens at the end of the 80’s when all this Wall Street boom became so fashionable. Patrick Bateman is a young NY executive “working” for Pierce & Pierce who apparently carries a high-class life surrounded by all kind of luxuries whose most important concerns are which cool restaurant to have dinner, physical appearance including clothes, accessories and haircuts…, the latest album of Huey Lewis and the News…His personal relationships are superficial and women are just use and throw toys.

However his inner side is very dark and during the movie we’ll witness how his psychopath behavior develops and how his need for blood and killing is so powerful as to risk his own security.


It’s great to see Christopher Bale interpreting Patrick Bateman, it’s become his trademark somehow for him, right now I can’t think of anybody else for playing that role.

I would like to remark that surprisingly  the movie director is a woman, Mary Harron, something not very common for a sort of thriller-horror kind, and it’s delicious the way she deals with murders, avoiding easy gore and abuse of blood in the scenes. Hers is a more subtle visual language which doesn’t show everything but you perfectly know what’s going on.

Patrick being gentle

Patrick being gentle

Apart from Chris Bale, nowadays very fashionable thanks to new Batman’s new adventures, cast of characters is full of renamed actors, from young generation stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto and Chloe Sevigny to more established ones such as Willem Dafoe.

What this movie lacks is extra timing, I think 30 more minutes would help to develop more Bateman’s obsessions and maybe some other shocking kill should had been included. I’m still waiting for an uncut edition or director’s cut edition for few time ago I read the script and some scenes and dialogues were not appearing.

I strongly recommend this movie to everyone, and in case any of you is interested in reading the book as well, please watch the movie first, leave sometime to assume it and then read the book. You will enjoy it much more.

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