FRIDAY 13th, Sean S. Cunningham 1980



This is one of the horror movies that impressed and traumatized me most when I was a kid and from time to time I enjoy watching it and still scares me, and thought it to be a good choice for Halloween, wasn’t it?


After many years closed Crystal Lake Summer Camp is to be reopened by a hippie guy who’s hired young and not so experienced staff. Fifteen days before kids’ arrival everybody is called to get the place ready, fix the cabins and prepare all the leisure activities to be held.

The location is beautiful, the lake is impressive but apparently that place is doomed and horrible things happened years ago after a kid, Jason Vorhees died drowned there apparently for no assistance was given to save him.

Just one single night is enough for awakening ghosts from the past and causing a massive bloodbath.


This is one fuckin’ horror classic masterpiece and if you like this kind of movies is a must-see. Maybe special effects have become too old and non-impressive and horror in the 70’s – 80’s seems quite innocent nowadays but I still get nervous with those distressing subjective takes. Also music has an effect on the movie creating this anxiety and scary effect.


I don’t want to give more details in case you haven’t seen it yet, but one of the best killings is the one inflicted to a young Kevin Bacon, ha ha ha!


Jason flirting with the chick

Jason flirting with the chick

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