Welcome to Popcorn and movies


I’ve always been interested in movies and have always been attracted by non-standard movies. The older I am the more fascinated I have become for cinema.

It doesn’t matter which genre: sci-fi, horror, comedy or drama as long as scripts are carefully created and plots are interesting.  


Cinemas are a good place to go, but once original version is compulsory for me, this becomes a pain in the ass, for most cinemas offer overdubbed movies. Here it comes the dichotomy: download movies or buy them. Personally I prefer buying dvds and my collection is starting to take the shape I like, however, buying for instinct can be disastrous for there’s a lot of crap coming out.


Series are becoming one good option to enjoy good times, although it’s impossible to follow up when broadcasted on TV due to so commercial breaks which make them never ending, and it’s terrible when you have to wait for a week to see what happens next. No need to say Xmas or Spring stops are a nightmare.


Once this said, one of the biggest pleasures in my life is to lay on my couch with my boyfriend, sharing a good movie or a good series chapter, a coke and if possible a nice and smooth joint.


The aim of this is to share impressions on all these movies and series I’m watching almost on a daily basis, sometimes you’ll be lucky and sometimes you’ll get disappointed as I have.


Now you can prepare a huge bucket of popcorn and start enjoying the feature…

3 Responses to “Welcome to Popcorn and movies”

  1. Good stuff here!!!!!! Gongratulations!!!!! And keep on rockin´!!!!!
    Just a question…..why in English?

  2. Hi Duluth! Thanks a lot!
    Why in English? Good question, both for practising and for reaching more people I guess…

  3. Hi, there!
    This gonna be also a real opportunity to practice to me!

    But don’t expect many comments, my english sucks!

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