RAW DEAL, John Irving 1986

Raw Deal


 Lately we’re watching some of Schwarzenegger’s 80’s classics and are having a really good time: muscles, funny dialogs, amazing combats, cigars, not many movies like these are done nowadays. Ok, Vin Diesel somehow uses same patterns, however, originals are much much better. Raw Deal is a must-see definitely.

Kaminsky was a former FBI agent who had to abandon the bureau due to corrupt influences. He’s working as a sheriff in a small town and his personal life we could say is not ideal. Her wife is an alcoholic housebitch who complaints for not being living in the big city and blames  Arnie for her misfortunes and boring life. Poor man!

He’s offered a deal by another agent he used to work with to revenge the death of his son by hands of a drug capo.

To get into this wealthy and dangerous world, Kaminsky changes his identity and appearance, seeming now a mix of American Psycho broker and a Miami Vice cop, manages to work for the drug dealer and gets acquainted with an attractive and vicious woman.

Arnold uses all his classic devices for an action movie: motorbike and leather, guns and more guns, muscles, cigars and even grease for his hair! He kills around  50 people and his hair is still perfect! I love it!


Arnie in grease and Leather

Arnie in grease and Leather


So many familiar actors appear in this movie it becomes a game to guess in which other movies they had appeared: from The Goonies to Scarface.

Soundtrack is to be highlighted, these adventures melodies combined with heavy metal solos are the best label for an 80’s movie, and creates  such a cool environment…

If you are seeking for action, fun and delirious shoots you definitely have to see Raw Deal. What a cool name for a movie, yeah!



One Response to “RAW DEAL, John Irving 1986”


    Kaminksy rules!!!! Classic 80’s Arnie movie! Not as good as Commando but it really kicks ass! Must see!

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