RABID, David Cronenberg 1977


Rabid tells a story of a very attractive woman who suffers a dramatic motorcycle accident close to the  aesthetics private clinic Keloid and she’s used as a guinea pig for new techniques of skin implants. Once skin tissue is regenerated and she wakes up from a one month stable comma something is not right inside her, not only  she’s a physical need for human blood for feeding but also has a sort of retractile phallic and killing protuberance which causes her need. Her attacks and blood sucking don’t kill people immediately but eventually they all become rabid zombies.

The more into the movie I was getting the more I was flipping with the story, it’s really good and freak at the same time: a killer dick? Zombies like people biting and vomiting green shit? The pornstar Marilyn Chambers playing the main role? This movie is great!

Sexy Chambers seeking for human blood

Sexy Chambers seeking for human blood

Rabid was one of the first titles directed and written by David Cronenberg and you can see budget was very low and effects are quite modest, however this doesn’t lessen the quality of the film. Sometimes I wonder what would had happened if these early movies would had high budgets or were Hollywood products.

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