CRASH, David Cronenberg 1996



Last night, after the good impression felt by Rabid we decided to watch one of the weirdest Cronenberg’s movies and in my opinion one of the weakest, although budget was quite higher and counted with more renamed artists such as James Spader and Holly Hunter.


Crash is based upon a novel by J.G Ballard, being Ballard the main character himself. Basically the starting point of the movie is a crash, a car accident involving Ballard, Dr Helen Remington and her husband, who dies immediately. Ballard gets his leg seriously injured which provokes a morbid excitement in his wife, starts banging Dr Remington in cars and starts getting acquainted with people also injured in car accidents attracted by blood, death and scars provoked by crashes to the point of getting involved in dangerous wrecks only for the sake of morbid pleasure.


Ballard banging his wife after a crash


To develop what I’ve summed up, Cronenberg spends 100 minutes adding as many sex scenes as possible, hot dialogues and nothing else…Obviously when this movie was released polemic was served, for some people saw it almost as a porn movie.


The idea is fine, and it’s a very visual movie, however I think crash obsession could have been reflected better, deleting some sexual scenes, not all of them for they are an important part of the movie considering all characters are promiscuous and frivolist.


It’s not a bad movie, but is not essential either and can be boring depending on your mood.

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